We hope you and your loved ones are navigating this challenging journey safely. With all our well-being in mind we will be suspending classes until further notice.

We’re creating yoga and meditation class videos for your home use in the coming days.

We will be holding you close in our meditations and look forward to sharing our practice together in person as soon as possible!

Yoga for the Sixth Chakra

This exercise helps to focus your energy on the sixth chakra, also known as the guru chakra. This chakra is supposedly part of the brain and can be made stronger through yoga and meditation, just as one works out muscles to become stronger.

Yoga for Relieving Pressure in Hips

This is a brief practice which includes postures to help relieve pressure on your hips fore better mobility, flexibility and relaxation.

Yoga for Building Stamina from the Inside Out

Stamina comes from within and without. Learn to build on both for complete yoga exercise.

Yoga for Expansion

In this practice, we work on expanding your movement and energies to counteract the current times when you may feel contracted and limited.

Focused Breathing and Guided Meditation to Rest the Body and Mind

John Parsons and Kim Nashed take you through a pranayama (focused breathing) and guided meditation practice to help you still the body and mind.

Yoga for Opening and Attuning

Improve and expand on your yoga practice with this instruction to open and notice.

Yoga, Meditation & Exploration! Namaste.